Being a training company gives us an edge over our competitions in the recruitment & sourcing field. We currently are recruitment partner for 12+ Start-ups and 2 MNCs.

To find out about our ongoing positions, please visit, jobs@learnize

Other than that we also hire for our parent company Learnize and our sister organization, “South East Carriers” which is a market leader in transportation for the last 6 years.

Learnize is recognized as one of the promising startups in South India


With the ever growing needs for the right talent, we constantly put the effort in identifying the right jobs. Being in the technical space most of our job openings at the beginner level are for engineers and computer graduates. 

We have always believed the right recruiting services start from another end of the spectrum; It starts from the job seekers end. No matter if you are searching for permanent, contract or temporary jobs. Your job search comes to an end with us. 

Our growing clientele means increased job openings and opportunities for job seekers. Most of our clientele consists of promising start-ups and mid-level organizations which may help you get the right launch pad for your career. 

Though start-ups don’t pay big as compared to the established organizations but if you are job-searching for challenges and excitement there can be nothing as challenging as working for a start-up.

Working for a start-up can also mean you grow as the organization grows and may serve as your chance to become rich instantaneously as a result of buyouts or acquisitions. Even if you fail there is nothing as rich as a start-up experience on your resume. 

 If you have the right skill sets and the confidence nothing can stop you from getting a job you desire.  

We have created this section to communicate & connect with all the talented job seekers like you.